Learn The Ultimate 7 Point Early Detection Chronic Kidney Disease Checklist
Stay One Step Ahead With This EXPERT ADVICE & Our In Depth Daily & Weekly Checklist Containing The  7 Vital (But Oh So Easy To Miss!) Signs Of Feline CKD...
What You'll Learn:
The simple 10 Second Weekly Skin Test that will instantly flag up your kitty's risk of chronic kidney disease (and whether she needs to be taken to the vet)
The 3 changes in your cats daily routine that act as invisible signs that something is wrong (it's worrying how many cat owners overlook these)
The plain sailing DAILY and WEEKLY checks needed to monitor your cats kidney health and catch CKD in its infancy (giving your cat the best chances of a high quality life)
The easily missed litter box habits you NEED to keep an eye on (these are the early warning signs of CKD - and a LOT of owners don't know them!)
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